A More Eco-Conscious Ametta

Our packaging is eco-friendly, the gel in our masks is biodegradable and we use collagen made from kelp (vegan).

Ametta Skin is proudly becoming more sustainable. Our new packaging is recyclable and inherently produces less environmental waste. 


These revolutionary masks feature a blend of anti-aging and multi-functioning ingredients, to lift, plump, clarify and nourish the skin. Collagen, a main ingredient is included to restore skins elasticity, reduce wrinkles and boost hydration and moisture. Hyaluronic acid, also found in fillers, can instantly improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by hydrating and plumping. These masks also feature a variety of fruits and vegetables to add vitamins and antioxidants to the skin.

Ametta Skin is based in Scottsdale, Arizona. We are cruelty free :), alcohol free, paraben free and have no artificial fragrances.

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